Sunday, August 30, 2015

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 554 - The Ultimate Quest

“By God, my fellows,” says the king, “We have seen marvels this day, but I reckon that we will see more.”


Dave S.
And...Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. This week's technical note: no recording SNAFUs this time (thank gawd!); instead, I was prototyping a new lighting rig for the table, and you'll periodically hear folks commenting on how that's going (which is to say, so-so--hey, it's a prototype!).

    1. I'm glad to know there's no missing audio, but being just 22m in to the episode I have to comment on the recording.

      - Left earbud: I imagine David speaking right into my ear. Very clear, but I almost want to lean my head a little to the right to get some distance.
      - Right earbud: Everyone else (with a faint hint of David in the backround). The level is very good on this side.

      Would it be possible to mix the two channels together to create a more balanced audio?

    2. I'll definitely give it a shot! The reason my voice is on the left channel is because I've got a dedicated mic plugged into "Channel 3" on the recorder, whereas everyone else is being recorded on "Channel 1/2", creating a stereo recording for them and (effectively) a mono recording of me. I'm sure there's a way to mix my channel so it's more central.

      Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.

    3. Ah. That explains it. :) I got accustomed to it along the way, but then became aware of not cringing anymore it came crashing back. Finally the last hour or so went smoothly again.

    4. I know the feeling. I can't really listen to The Ramones' first album because the guitar is mixed entirely in one channel and the bass in the other, and I'll get used to it only to suddenly notice it again and it's terribly distracting!

      Looking up mixing solutions right now. Oh, if only I'd been in the a.v. club in high school! :P

    5. aye, one entire side I kept hearing this rustling noise that seemed unrelated to anything, but was bad enough I had to take out the earbud. I'm not certain how to fix it, but just an FYI from another listener.

    6. Yeah, I noticed that too. I think it was from the breeze from the fan blowing over the mic pickup. I've ordered a baffler for next time. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Great adventure! Had a lot of fun listening to the story.There was like 3 years worth of adventure in one year, but I guess it evens out with the Black Hermit. ;)

    I was so scared Cynrain was going to bite it this time. I've got a small bet going with some people and he can't go (yet).

    I find myself getting sad at the end of each episode as it draws to an end. This has been such a long project and I'm invested in all your characters, so it's hard to think what'll replace this when it's done. Then I remember I've got my own game going and it picks me up some. Running 487 next Sunday so we've got lots to cover yet.

  3. Year 493 appears to have mysteriously vanished from iTunes so I have to search through my archive for it, but I distinctly remember that Jade specifically said Cynrain was staying behind with his wife, and so hadn't gone on the Syagrius murder hunt but everyone assumed he had, so there were a lot of jokes that he had found himself teleported into the forest. I didn't think it had actually been retconned though. Perhaps the lack of a critical impassionment is because Cynrain merely knew of the murder and said nothing rather than declaiming his friends for their actions.

    So many feels this episode!

    1. Here's the file:

      Your sage-like memory of the campaign events amazes me! I have a vague memory of someone being ret-conned to be present at the scene. Maybe it was Brendan's character? Or maybe that was another time.

      At any rate, as far as I'm concerned, even if Cynrain wasn't physically present for the murder, that's not something a rage-filled ghost is going to necessarily care about, especially as Cynrain was his host and is the only surviving member of the group from that time.

    2. I agree, Cynrain is probably the closest surviving member of the hunting murder party since I'm guessing by this point Cormac has probably died. Unless he was hunting the Questing Beast, was lost in the Faerie Kingdoms, and with the closing of those realms reappears at roughly the same age he was when he entered. Which would be kinda cool.

      Anyway my memory was correct! Syagrius was originally lodging with Cynrain, but then he had to tend to his manor after a Blains raid and Tathan the First offered to put him up. Then everyone invited him out on a hunt and sort of dared each other into murdering him, but Cynrain had never explicitly left to rejoin the party for the hunt which led to the confusion as to his spatial location.

      And poor Cynrain, he has now outlasted Wulfram's grandson and I don't think Perry has any children, so unless Lady Jenna decided the nunnery wasn't for her he might live to see Wulfram's entire family line die out.

      Also did you say there was an evil bed that had to be defeated for the Holy Grail to be found?

  4. Alas for Sir Calagantis (or however you spell it)! I was rooting for you, Dave. I guess he's at least got a lot of older brothers.

    And Sir Perry, too. That's rough. But hey, it's the Grail Quest. At least you haven't seen a tree strung with dead knights yet.

    And Sir Yvaine's dead, too. I don't think we've seen any of him in the campaign, but he's one of my favorite knights. And another of Arthur's kinsmen dead.

    1. At least he went out riding about as high in honour as was possible, and Perry died after realising that there was good in our world that was worth fighting for.

      I'm still holding out a faint hope that the Black Hermit was going to resurrect or use magic to heal those wounds, but it is the Grail Quest and I suspect they're just gone.

      We've now had Des kill Renae, and then Renae kill Jen. Hopefully this doesn't get to be a habit.

    2. Knights killing other knights? I'm sure that's not going to become increasingly common in the years to come.

    3. Arthur's reign will be eternal! There will never be any game but Pendragon

    4. After the first time I ran Pendragon, one of my players seriously suggested converting the characters and transitioning into a Dark Ages Vampire chronicle. I don't think he had quite dialed in on the chronology and...genre expectations of Pendragon...