Monday, July 6, 2015

[Call of Cthulhu] "Taterdemalion" One-Shot

The Esoteric Order has a new HQ! To celebrate (and because we were down two of the three players from last week's Pendragon session), an impromptu Call of Cthulhu one-shot was held to consecrate the new game room.

(Sorry this one's a little late, folks--still without Internet access at the new place, so I'm obliged to upload the audio from work. Shhhh...don't tell my boss!)


David S.


  1. When I read the name on this one, I assumed it was going to have something to do with potatoes.

    But once it started, I think I was expecting something a little more Masque of the Red Death. You have that guy dressed as the Reaper, and people start turning up dead, and eventually you find that guy's corpse. But the Reaper's still standing behind you....

    But it was definitely a good one. Good luck in the new place. (?)

  2. Great show as always. I love me some Call of Cthulhu!

    I'm wondering about the audio quality at the new place though. It was very hollow and cold, and at times it was hard to understand some people, which marks a change from the old space, which was very warm and immediate-feeling. I'm sure it will be taken care of, it was just something I noticed.

    1. We'll be figuring out new ways to set up the input, methinks. There's a super handy bike rack above the gaming table that seems like it would be just ideal to hang the mic from.

    2. Yup, exactly--things are still very new. The move-in had taken place just two days prior, and we were surrounded by unpacked boxes in a more-or-less empty room.

      This session was, in a way, a bit of a shakedown cruise to test out the acoustics of the new space. I've already got a new omnidirectional mic on order, and I'll be laying down an area rug and fiddling with other setup elements as well.

  3. Very nice deflection when asked if someone could go as the King in Yellow. I probably would have given it away right there. Also I love that Jen thought of someone tapping on the window from the side they were already on, which is a trick I used once after reading about it in a Terry Pratchett book.

    I love your Call of Cthulhu games for all the little terrified groans that your players make when something untoward happens, it really helps to draw you in as a listener. Also the nice, group mantra of "There's five of us" before facing down danger, to which I mentally imagined everyone adding "so they probably won't get me first" in their heads.

    Congratulations on the new place! You inaugurated it with two people going indeterminably insane, two people going terminally insane, and one person going off to star in True Detectives!

    1. So, what you're saying is that either Larkins wasn't trying hard enough or we weren't suicidal enough, eh? Eh?

      Probably true.

    2. I forgive you, and I know you'll do better next time.

      I mean you did as much as could be reasonably expected. Your first reaction to seeing a mysterious book, on an altar, with unearthly phenomena surrounding it, was to walk forward and immediately try to read it. If that's not trying to get everything killed in Call of Cthulhu, what is?