Sunday, March 22, 2015

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 534 - Jerk Hervis

Sir Leander continues his quest to help Lady Cealwina win back her true love. Meanwhile, a new bandit knight appears, and everyone's talking about the Peningues Tournament...


Dave S.
And…Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. So, was Jen silently lurking in the bushes during the Court of Love and then spent the rest of the year silently exhorting the sanctioning of her non-creepy stalking?

    Another super exciting, non-ominous year in this tournament period. Increase the count of "Dave succeeding so hard he fails" by one! I'm really liking how the group is banding together in friendship and mutual companionship. Too bad about Leander anti-climatically murdering Christopher Walken. Doing an impression, even a poor one, is a moment that every GM should look forward to in their campaign. You missed your shot at it!

    Also, that nice Sir Mordred seems like he had a little bit of bad news. Hope he gets over it soon!

    1. Jen was a last-minute cancellation, so I guess she was with us in spirit...? I fixed the list of attendees--good catch!

      And hey, at least I got probably my best worst pun of the year out of the premature death of Walken...

    2. That pun elicited the greatest of smile-groans. At least he died with his weapon of choice in hand.

  2. You know, I worked briefly at a wastewater treatment plant. Except for right where it enters, it doesn't really smell that bad - after a fairly small amount of treatment, it just smells like a fish tank.

    Anyway, another fine year. I imagine there should be some good glory in that for Leander. But you know, hmm. Random Court of Love cases. I might take up that challenge.

    1. "Random Court of Love cases. I might take up that challenge."

      That would actually be much appreciated! It can be tough coming up with enough good questions for those Courts...

    2. So, I've got a table here, but I'm not too pleased with it. I'm definitely going to have to rework it - as is, it'll just produce a bunch of very same-y questions. I'm goi to have to go with something at requires a bit more interpretation, I think.

      But I will offer this one: "When a knight is trying to please his lady, may he be thinking of his liege lord, or must he be thinking about her?" (I.e. Must a knight attempting a task for his lady use his Amor passion, or can he use any one that applies?)

  3. Couple of questions have struck me about the tournaments.

    1) All three knights made it to the semi-final in the first tournament joust, but none made it to the final? Given that Siegbright and Daeg both critted their lance I guess they both knocked each other out, but that seems like an odd edge case the rules didn't catch.

    2) Did Agravaine get forgiven again? This is easily the most important piece regarding their feud. A nicely written note apologizing for the damage, but taking the armour and horse because you wouldn't want to insult him by implying he couldn't follow through with the wager.

    1. 1) Heh, yeah! Saying they made it to the semi-finals was my bit of added flavor, but in the midst of the game I didn't stop to think that that would be mathematically impossible. Although...if you hit an opponent's horse, you're automatically knocked out, so maybe that's what happened...? Eh, I should've just said quarter-finals. ;)

      2) Good question! What do you say, Dave?

  4. Shouldn't a knight that kills an unconscious opponent get a cruel check, no matter who the opponent is?

    As to Court of Love cases, I've got a question.

    A knight of love is under a geas to help a Lady that is not his love and performs the task required of him, but then finds out the Lady still needs more knightly help. Should the knight help her, or his he free to go on his way since he was coerced and she is not his Lady?

    This is, of course, a reference to their poor treatment of Lady Cealwina.
    "Well, I'm off to fight a war for love's sake."
    "Good luck with that. We're going to a pretend battle hoping to impress some ladies."

    1. Cruel check: In the case of a declared outlaw, with a death mark on his head, I'd say you could just as easily argue for a Just check. But a GM who wanted to levy a Cruel check wouldn't be totally off-base. There's a lot of room for individual GMing choices in this sort of thing. In my case, I'd give a Cruel check if the slaying of the unconscious opponent seemed particularly egregious and/or unnecessary.

      Court of Love case: Oh, trust me, the knights' decision was duly noted, and there will be some fallout next year. You'll recall that when Leander first met Cealwina, there was some rolling to see if he'd literally be geased or not. He wasn't, and was thus able to exercise some free will, but that won't be totally without consequence...

    2. Court of Love Case: "When a lady asks a Knight to defeat another Knight at skill at arms, to show he is the superior. When in fact the Knight in question is her brother. The fight goes through and the brother dies. Should then the lady honor her brother's sacrifice and scorn this murderer of a knight. Or, should she start courting said knight."