Sunday, December 21, 2014

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 523 - In Search of Merlin

Merlin's back! Or his he? A search for the old wizard leads our heroes down many unexpected paths.


Dave S.
And…Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. I'm not even finished the episode, but translating an idiomatic expression into Latin is madness.

    And speaking of madness, I had to make this immediately:

    1. Indeed. One of these days I'll probably throw some money at a translator if I get impulsively drunk enough with a sufficient internet connection.

    2. How about "Age quod agis" for a motto? It translates to "Do what you are doing", which is the kind of straightforward, honest motto one would expect from your knight's family. It is also a Latin idiom that's meant to tell someone to pay attention to what they're doing and think things through, which is something your family might benefit from.

      Only in an in-game sense. From a listener perspective, please never change.

      Alternative motto suggestions: Victis honor (Honour to the vanquished), Errare humanum est (To err is human), or Qui tacet consentire (To be silent is to give consent)

    3. That polecat macro nearly did me in. I almost burst a vessel from suppressed laughter at my desk.

      The Latin motto thing will become more relevant as heraldry gets increasingly ornate and crests get added, so it's good to be thinking about this sort of thing now. :)

  2. Another excellent session you guys filled with wacky and zaney hijinks as usual.
    Though, I must ask did they just kill Baba Yaga the Iron Hag?

    As usual the Malvis/Edern wombo-combo wins out in the end.

    1. Hey, Percy/Arrent did very well for figuring out how to trick a hag into opening her door to four heavily armed strangers (who nonetheless were paying customers), and then leveraging her body into the flame. Good thing she'd dropped that Wyrm claw and wasn't still clutching it when you burned her.

      Anyway, I am incensed about King Pellenore's death. I doubt Cormac killed his Questing Beast rival, but Pellenore did make a few enemies during those few times when he was around. I would suspect either the families of one of the people he killed while he was challenging knights to jousting on the road, or a vassal/family member of King Lot who's upset about that whole skull-splitting thing.

      Too bad you immediately started telling people he was dead. I would start spreading Intrigue rumours that you'd found him where you found his tomb, but that he was gravely wounded and had lapsed into a coma. You were tending to him at your estate, and the chirurgeons had hope he would pull through. Then kill whomever shows up to finish him off, and if no one does say he died of his wounds and you buried him where he was found.

    2. I can't imagine anyone would be too upset about King Lot. I mean, it's not like he had any powerful sons riding around and famously having adventures last year.

      Also, through pure happenstance, I happened to read something on the "historical" Lambton Wyrm recently. It sounds like the dog plan in the legend didn't work any better than the kitten plan in the game. There's an interesting conflict between the two stories, where in the legend the curse is just told to the knight, whereas here everybody knew it. I wonder why they changed it in the adventure.

    3. Perhaps the stewards of Malahaut looked into it when they were looking into killing a wyrm, and then the knowledge just spread throughout the county?