Sunday, December 1, 2013

[Zombi] Session Three

The third session of our "one shot" of the rules-lite Zombi RPG, with Jade again at the helm.

David L.
David S.
And...Edie the Dog


  1. How did you like Zombi? I sounded like there was something there, but for being a light RPG combat sure seemed to take forever. Each session was pretty much a single long encouter. I did like the different zombie types and you guys seemed to have fun and that's fun to listen to, but at times I found myself zoning out for a bit as the combat just went on and on.

    Which lead to me realizing I always perk up when Renae speaks. Even when I was completely zoned out I'd always snapped back in when I heard her. Isn't she a god damn delight to listen to? She always seems endearingly a little out of it and kinda needs someone to point her in the right direction or math for her, but I'm always listening with a happy grin.

    1. I agree with your assessments, and I imagine the rest of the group does as well. We won't be playing this one again.

      I feel a little bad, since I recommended the system to Jade, who wanted to run a zombie one-shot, based on a positive review I'd read. Having not run Zombi myself, I can't say if there's anything that could be done to speed up the combat, but I was really surprised that such a barebones system bogged down so fiercely in combat. I mean, I guess it's "in genre" (I'm thinking of some of those fights in Dawn of the Dead, in particular), but it didn't make for a very fun system.

      I did have a blast with my cameo "zombie-rights activist," though. I want to see what happened to him! :P