Sunday, July 28, 2013

[Deadlands Reloaded] Lost in the Maze: Session Fifteen - Whateley Island

The search for runes takes the posse to mysterious Whateley Isle, where they find that they are not the first to visit.

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Cuad Hoyter Pertullus (Jen)
Kangee Taken-Alive (Des)
Tobias Calvin Funk (Jade)
Jersey Lilly (Renae)
And…Edie the Dog.


  1. See, this is why I'm a terrible adventurer. I had assumed that the voice whispering "Swindler" at the end of last episode was just the tattered remnants of a defeated spectre, who couldn't actually do me any harm. This is the kind of attitude that gets you ghost lynched in your sleep.

    I haven't listened to the next session yet, but unless slug biology is radically different from what I suspect, did the destruction of Whatley Island kill a large number of non-slug human people who were digging there? I'm suspecting illegal miners digging up incredibly valuable ghost rock, but whatever was down there is now hopefully super dead.

    1. I'll just say that you haven't heard the last of these particular non-slug people... ;D