Sunday, January 20, 2013

[The Veil of Isis] Session Two: Eyes of a Stranger (Part I)

In which five Investigators, members all of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, become swept up in the Murder investigation of one John Bidwell, noted Gentleman and Explorer. A Crystalline Cube, a Murderous Butler, a fireplace Poker: all feature prominently.

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Present for this Session:
Celestia Adams (Jen)
Det. Sgt. Wesley Pike (Des)
Dr. Miles Hume (Bill)
Oswald Finnegan (Shal)
Padma Daschel (Jade)
And…Edie the Dog.


  1. Remember the advice of Dr. Miles Hume everybody. There are no horrors from beyond, nor magic distorting the barriers between this world and another. There is only syphilis. Lots, and lots of syphilis.

    1. Ooh, going deep into the archives! Inspired by me, Jen, and Des reminiscing about Black Annis, I presume? Hope you enjoy!

  2. They're no less enjoyable for being listened to in a seemingly random chronological order! But yes, now I just have to fight the temptation to look ahead at future episodes to see which characters slowly disappear and are replaced. Without David S. here I don't know who to expect to have their mind instantly snap or be unexpectedly smote by horrors from beyond.